Management team

dr. Martijn Vastenburg

Founder and managing director

Martijn Vastenburg is founder of ConnectedCare. He has a background as assistant professor at Delft University of Technology. He has coordinated projects in care innovation together with research organizations, companies, care organizations and users. His core expertise is in social tools for care collaboration, persuasive technology, design methodology and sensor-based group awareness. Next to being managing director of ConnectedCare R&D, Martijn is also founder of HalloZorg and senior researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology.

+31-6-2427 3446

Ilse Bierhoff

Senior R&D

Ilse Bierhoff (MSc) studied human-computer interaction at the Technical University of Eindhoven. Her expertise is applying knowledge from social sciences on problems related to the introduction of new technologies and she has an interest in education. She is an experienced researcher and project manager in national and European (research) projects. She feels comfortable in a role as intermediary between end-users, stakeholders from the care sector, technicians, researchers, and commercial companies. Her drive is to make sure that people can make use of innovations in their day to day life. Via the use of services that have the right mix of technology, personal touch, and fun.

Harold van de Vijver

Business developer & Senior architect

Harold joined ConnectedCare in order to make the company a key player in healthcare innovation. Harold has a passion for disruptive innovations that improve a person’s life, as well as the society’s wellbeing and its market. Harold gets its energy from customer satisfaction, innovation, building concrete solutions, and change management. He has a background in healthcare and IT, and is experienced in design&implementation of innovative technical and social innovative solutions. Moreover, he has been involved in several successful start-ups.

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Research & Design team

dr. Priscilla Esser

Senior researcher

Priscilla’s fascination with designing for healthcare started in her graduation project at Delft University of Technology, where she developed a user interface for senior homecare services. Afterwards, she expanded her knowledge of the domain, by doing design research in a PhD project on tele-consultations and a postdoc project on the experience of a children cancer hospital. Currently she develops new communication concepts for ConnectedCare, ranging from mobile apps to social robots, which challenge her to explore topics such as persuasion, affective computing and engagement. Beside her work for ConnectedCare, she works as an editor and instructor for the Interaction Design Foundation, a non-profit organisation developing accessible and affordable Ivy-League level design education.

dr. Pascal Wiggers

Senior researcher

Pascal Wiggers (PhD) specialized in artificial intelligence and user centered design. He is an experienced researcher and research manager, who has coordinated national and international research projects with stakeholders from research, companies, care organizations and end users. He aims to create smart technology that empowers people. To do so, he has worked on topics such as emotion recognition, persuasive technology and social robotics. Pascal worked as an assistant professor at Delft University of Technology and currently also holds a position at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences.

Laurens Kemp

eHealth designer

Laurens Kemp is an eHealth Designer experienced in interaction design for the healthcare market. He has a Masters degree in Industrial Design and a background in frontend web development, software design and project management. Laurens likes to have a connecting role between end-users, designers and developers.

+31-6-4460 2187

Janna Alberts

eHealth designer

Janna Alberts (MSc) is an industrial designer with a specialization in innovations in healthcare. She works in national and European R&D projects and product development processes. Janna has worked with seniors, caregivers and home care, and knows how to properly address the needs of all stakeholders.

+31-6-4702 4217

Development team

dr. Jan Keijzer

Lead software developer

Jan has been fascinated with innovation, research and IT development since he started as a student at the Leiden University in 1985. With his strong technical scientific background, he knows how to deal with complex and challenging projects. Jan has a broad experience in various IT roles, from software engineer at a startup company to project management of projects with multinationals. He is focused on integrating the user perspective in the software environment.

John Baltussen

Software developer

John has extensive experience in innovative projects, whether technical or social, as a software engineer. He has a big focus on usability to make it not only a technical outstanding product but also very user-friendly.

Krunoslav Domić

Software developer

Krunoslav Domić is an experienced full stack developer. He obtained his master of informatics degree from the Faculty of Organization and Informatics at the University of Zagreb. He focuses on commercial developments as well as on R&D projects.

Business team

Dick-Jan Zijda

Business developer and implementation expert

Dick-Jan (M.A.) is experienced in developing and implementing innovations in the social domain. He knows how to involve and engage all stakeholders in a local setting towards creating successful innovations.

+31-6-1936 3342

Chris Kunkeler

Business developer

Chris’s drive is to help people work more efficiently and for them to believe in themselves. One of Chris’s defining traits is how social he is which is important in his line of work. Chris has worked for various government- and Health Care organizations. In his spare time he works as a volunteer with mentally and physically disabled people. This experience helps him as a professional. His main focus within Connectedcare will be the positioning of the Hallozorg product in the care sector for the disabled.

+31-6-4322 3111

Job openings

Are you a master in bringing eHealth applications to market? Are you experienced in developing new business propositions, do you have a network of partners and customers in place, and do you know how to sell eHealth solutions to customers? We like to have you in our team!

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Are you a student looking for a internship or final project? We are recruiting ambitious students with expertise in design, ICT and/or communication. In your internship of final project, you can contribute to our care collaboration platform, or collaborate in one of our EU Active&Assisted Living projects.

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